Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Opening

Shockingly today I made a decision to start blogging.Which is actually came up to me when I was reading Hajir`s blog.I was really intended to go for blogging since my pal,Paly Henry own one for himself.As this is my first post,I think it would only filled up with plans and ideas on having this blog its own genre.I`ve been considering to have it bombarded with random things.So it could be reviews,drawings,articles,info,videos and you name it.But the most important thing is,this blog is the place for questions relating to almost anything meant for those who seek an answer that might have the teenagers thingy along with it.I know you all don`t like an answering scheme so `skema` that makes you start to look up at the ceiling,lifting your lips and that big nose of yours up on one side thinking,`WTH!?` even though the answer really makes sense.Well, its all here,the sense of teenager`s chaotic life that need just the right amount of fart to make you realise how stinky it was when you decided to live in that shit hole thats going to brought you to no where near peace.Insyaallah,I will be answering for those who asked.Try Me!Follow Me!

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