Tuesday, 17 May 2011

WOW!:Prepare To Get Nailed To Your Chair !


A raw professional parkour group with an oustanding performance or art in motions.World proclaimed sport,parkour just made it to another level of being the most fittest sport and precised body allignment making all of us just drooling in front of the screen.Watch!

Note:Please view it in full screen mode.

Have what it takes to be the coolest ever?We just strucked to know that we are still on the floor bluffing isn`t it?

Boys,time for a change right?Lets have that strong fit body and a whole adrenaline pumping stamina.Join me.Its just super trendy.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Self Defence:The Powerful Word Of `NO` And The Phrase After It To Win.

Trapped in a situation where you are reluctant to leave something behind for good?Reluctant of rejecting any offer especially from your friends?Reluctant of standing up to your decision when facing the word `please`?

A big NO is what you must say.It can save you and your future while showing where your standings are.A firm NO makes you decide things on your own when use it with rationality.
Sometimes people will still persuade you to make you weak and vulnerable to fulfill their request.If you really sure about your NO,
then say this


Its your life to decide,not others.Use it well and wisely.Know the situation.Take control of it.Good luck.Hurting the others sometimes make your world goes better.

Note:You can lose some friends,but what that is left is only GOOD friends.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Movies: Take a hammer and a pil for a huge WOW!

Based on the story of one of the most godly action packed marvel cartoon movie makeover comes Thor.Starring Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor,powerful but arrogant warrior whose actions reignite a war.Casted down to Earth by his father,Lord Odin(Anthony Hopkins),he learn to be a true hero and have his first love with a scientist,Jane Foster(Natalie Portman).Villain from his world,the frost giants wage a war in Asgard to where it will just blow off your mind.Catch the trailer below
Do not i repeat,do not go away by not viewing both of these trailer.It was like ooohh my goooddd!
Eddie Morra(Bradley Copper) ate a pill,NZT tapping him to his full potential.He soon takes Wall Street by storm,parlaying small stake into millions.Imagine that!Actually Im still looking forward for Thor.But still Limitless is something worth to pick when going for a movie.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Gadgets:The i-Phone 5 and Blackberry 6.0?

Rumours spreading out and for those that had being crazed about i-Phone 4 seems to have their prayers answered with the protoype breakthrough of the so-called the latest i-Phone 5.

Apparently, not only the i-Phone 5 is making its way up to be listed at the top in the market, a controversional prototype of the Blackberry is also rumoured and it really do have that catchy looks that would make you dazed.
If someone really do get something like this one out from his pocket in front me, I really can`t help it but to kick his ass and say WOW! Unfortunately, some people shows a bit of their own arrogant look saying that the design really got out hideous but know this, if its out, you`ll be the one who try to look on the other places when you had someone using it in front of you. Haha, you really going to try to say,`huh,its a normal thing`.

Anyway, both prototype shows both elegant and style in a simple yet smooth looks.Thats all I can give you in Gadgets!

Saturday, 9 April 2011


Im facing my exam, the updates would be posted not accordingly to `one day a post`. It supposed to be that way but it seems I really don`t have the will to go for it. Busy. Stay updated and ask your friends to follow along. Ask me anything if need to. Im free for any topic. We are teenagers aren`t we? So open up ya. Hopefully my not that up-to-date reviews could still get you on the track of knowing how the world revolves as well as especially in arranging your do and donts in your daily life to keep that sack of pahala for your supply for the hereafter. 


Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Opening

Shockingly today I made a decision to start blogging.Which is actually came up to me when I was reading Hajir`s blog.I was really intended to go for blogging since my pal,Paly Henry own one for himself.As this is my first post,I think it would only filled up with plans and ideas on having this blog its own genre.I`ve been considering to have it bombarded with random things.So it could be reviews,drawings,articles,info,videos and you name it.But the most important thing is,this blog is the place for questions relating to almost anything meant for those who seek an answer that might have the teenagers thingy along with it.I know you all don`t like an answering scheme so `skema` that makes you start to look up at the ceiling,lifting your lips and that big nose of yours up on one side thinking,`WTH!?` even though the answer really makes sense.Well, its all here,the sense of teenager`s chaotic life that need just the right amount of fart to make you realise how stinky it was when you decided to live in that shit hole thats going to brought you to no where near peace.Insyaallah,I will be answering for those who asked.Try Me!Follow Me!