Thursday, 28 April 2011

Movies: Take a hammer and a pil for a huge WOW!

Based on the story of one of the most godly action packed marvel cartoon movie makeover comes Thor.Starring Chris Hemsworth as the mighty Thor,powerful but arrogant warrior whose actions reignite a war.Casted down to Earth by his father,Lord Odin(Anthony Hopkins),he learn to be a true hero and have his first love with a scientist,Jane Foster(Natalie Portman).Villain from his world,the frost giants wage a war in Asgard to where it will just blow off your mind.Catch the trailer below
Do not i repeat,do not go away by not viewing both of these trailer.It was like ooohh my goooddd!
Eddie Morra(Bradley Copper) ate a pill,NZT tapping him to his full potential.He soon takes Wall Street by storm,parlaying small stake into millions.Imagine that!Actually Im still looking forward for Thor.But still Limitless is something worth to pick when going for a movie.