Tuesday, 17 May 2011

WOW!:Prepare To Get Nailed To Your Chair !


A raw professional parkour group with an oustanding performance or art in motions.World proclaimed sport,parkour just made it to another level of being the most fittest sport and precised body allignment making all of us just drooling in front of the screen.Watch!

Note:Please view it in full screen mode.

Have what it takes to be the coolest ever?We just strucked to know that we are still on the floor bluffing isn`t it?

Boys,time for a change right?Lets have that strong fit body and a whole adrenaline pumping stamina.Join me.Its just super trendy.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Self Defence:The Powerful Word Of `NO` And The Phrase After It To Win.

Trapped in a situation where you are reluctant to leave something behind for good?Reluctant of rejecting any offer especially from your friends?Reluctant of standing up to your decision when facing the word `please`?

A big NO is what you must say.It can save you and your future while showing where your standings are.A firm NO makes you decide things on your own when use it with rationality.
Sometimes people will still persuade you to make you weak and vulnerable to fulfill their request.If you really sure about your NO,
then say this


Its your life to decide,not others.Use it well and wisely.Know the situation.Take control of it.Good luck.Hurting the others sometimes make your world goes better.

Note:You can lose some friends,but what that is left is only GOOD friends.