Friday, 15 April 2011

Gadgets:The i-Phone 5 and Blackberry 6.0?

Rumours spreading out and for those that had being crazed about i-Phone 4 seems to have their prayers answered with the protoype breakthrough of the so-called the latest i-Phone 5.

Apparently, not only the i-Phone 5 is making its way up to be listed at the top in the market, a controversional prototype of the Blackberry is also rumoured and it really do have that catchy looks that would make you dazed.
If someone really do get something like this one out from his pocket in front me, I really can`t help it but to kick his ass and say WOW! Unfortunately, some people shows a bit of their own arrogant look saying that the design really got out hideous but know this, if its out, you`ll be the one who try to look on the other places when you had someone using it in front of you. Haha, you really going to try to say,`huh,its a normal thing`.

Anyway, both prototype shows both elegant and style in a simple yet smooth looks.Thats all I can give you in Gadgets!

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